A Midsummernight’s Dream — 2022

by William Shakespeare,
Schauspiel Wuppertal

Hermia loves Lysander, but is to marry Demetrius. Helena loves Demetrius, who wants nothing to do with her. Demetrius hates Lysander and despises Helena. Lysander can think of nothing better than to flee into the forest with Hermia. With the help of magic juices and moonlight, the right couples are supposed to find each other, but when Puck has a hand in it, sometimes the wrong ones fall for each other. Meanwhile, the ruling couples go through the motions of wedding and marriage routines, jealousy dramas and relationship quarrels. - While the craftsmen, as amateur actors, seek the high note for the real, blood-soaked love tragedy with the comedic particle accelerator. In Shakespeare‘s magic sphere, desire and poetry swirl wildly, so that not only the stage characters but also the spectators rub their eyes in intoxication: - Are we awake or dreaming?

"They proceeded playfully, with a lot of joy and the knowledge that not only the mouth can tell a story, but also the body, light, sound and above all the space. Their production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' is dreamlike, quick-witted, racy and simply fun." - Westdeutsche Zeitung

Photography: Jens Grossmann

Team & Cast

Direction   Maja Delinić
Stage design   Ria Papadopoulou
Costume design   Janin Lang
Music   Clemens Gutjahr
Choreographic work   Pascal Merighi
Dramaturgy   Barbara Noth
With   Alexander Peiler, Julia Meier, Kevin Wilke, Stefan Walz, Thomas Braus, Mona Kloos, Silvia Munzón López, Konstantin Rickert, Maditha Dolle


February 12th 202, Opernhaus Schauspiel Wuppertal

Part of the Shakespeare Festival Globe Neuss 2023

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Shakespeare Festival Neuss, Fotografie: Graça und Darius Bialojan