Die Physiker — 2021

by Friedrich Dürrenmatt,
Theater Krefeld & Mönchengladbach

A series of murders in an insane asylum, but Inspector Voß has an easy job, because the perpetrators are quickly found among the patients. Clinic director Dr Mathilde von Zahnd, however, is inconsolable. As the attending physician, she certifies the insane patients, who pretend to be physicists, to be of unsound mind. But are the patients really what they claim to be? What secret do the three of them guard? The supposedly simple case becomes more and more complicated. And already another murder is taking place. What begins as a comedic thriller develops into a grotesque with pitch-black humour. Against the background of the Cold War and the looming nuclear threat, Dürrenmatt wrote a masterpiece in 1962 that has become a long-running dramatic hit for literary as well as political reasons. "The content of physics concerns the physicists, the effect all people. What concerns everyone can only be solved by everyone." - Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Photography: Matthias Stutte

Team & Cast

Direction   Maja Delinić
Stage design   Ria Papadopoulou
Costume design   Janin Lang
Music   Clemens Gutjahr
Choreographic work   Pascal Merighi
Dramaturgy   Martin Vöhringer


November 14th 2021, Großen Bühne Theater Mönchengladbach &
Season 2022/23, Großen Bühne Theater Krefeld

Duration   approx. 2 hrs 25 mins, 1 admission

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